Monthly Archives: August 2010

How To Start Your Day (With Jazz, Banjo & Economics)

7.00 am and I’ve been up for a couple of hours already. Drinking coffee, canvassing the morning news and major headlines, trying to ease into a major project I’ll be working on for the weekend and the next 48 hours. … Continue reading

Tales From the Emergency Exit

“I’m mad and I am not gonna take it anymore?…” Steven Slater’s 15 minutes of fame shenanigans made major headlines and awarded him cult figure status overnight just because he threw a fit. What? You don’t know who Steven Slater is? … Continue reading

Much to Do About Nothing: Summer Thoughts

Dawn – and I am up posting this on my blog. I feel kind of guilty having abandoned it for the last week or so. Yes, it’s summer and the whiff of leisure and vacationing wonder is in the air. … Continue reading

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