Monthly Archives: July 2010

Compassion is as Compassion Does: Anti-Lessons from Tony Hayward

Sometimes time works against us. Did the inevitable response to the public outcry of the Gulf disaster have to wait that long? Tony Hayward’s ousting was a matter of time. However, waiting that long did not serve BP in the … Continue reading

Best Friends No More?

What is it that you remember most about kindergarten? I don’t know about you, but in addition to my kindergarten teacher, what I remember most about that splendidly innocent and tender age, is the other little girl I met there. … Continue reading

Getting Annoyed Won’t Get You Very Far

You know these types who seem to be so great at raining on your parade? Those highly annoying people who are always there to say something critical, judgmental, negative? My initial reaction in the past has been murderous. I used … Continue reading

The Piano, the Staircase and the Escalator

Please watch the video. Persuasive, effective, influential…Who wouldn’t want to be more of all of the above? Think of the power, the exhilaration, the “high” of having that kind of an effect on people. So, what could you do? Sometimes, … Continue reading

Man’s or Dog’s Best Friend: A Test of Feelings

A dog is a man’s best friend. Yet, in this amazing canine act of compassion, no man stepped up to the task of helping the injured dog. See the video – I thought it is incredible. Rarely are noble acts … Continue reading

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