Monthly Archives: June 2010

Leadership In the Age of Scarcity

Leadership In the Age of Scarcity – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review Glimpsing into the minds of 3600 graduate and undergraduate students worldwide, IBM’s recently released Global Student Study 2010 looks into some ideas of what these young people … Continue reading

Small People’s Emotional Psychiatry

“….”I’ll leave the emotional psychiatry to others.”At a White House briefing, Robert Gibbs, the president’s press secretary, shrugged off criticism from some politicians and columnists that the president had not been emotional enough in his response to the spill….” Robert … Continue reading

Carrot-And-Stick No More

Carrot-and-stick: The phrase reminds me of my elementary school principal who used to walk around playing with a wooden ruler. No, he was not an arithmetic kind of a guy, passionate to indoctrinate all of us third and fourth graders … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Physics

The smart 14 yr old who drew the elephant in this test deserves to: a. flunk physics b. get a scholarship for the MIT Media Lab c. do a special appearance at Comedy Central Yes, he apparently cannot answer the … Continue reading

Out With The Old

Once upon a time, I used to love those early mornings sipping coffee reading the New York Times. And I mean the actual newspaper not the By fluke, I got my hands on an actual paper again this morning. … Continue reading

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