Monthly Archives: May 2010

All About Carol

Unconventional or brash? Rude or powerful? How would you characterize Carol Bartz’s moment of truth? Those of us who have faced hostile media interviewing and know first hand what it really means to have reporters in your face can sympathize … Continue reading


“Pay what you feel is fair?” The incredible Steve2 duo (Levitt and Dubner) of Freakonomics fame may be on to something big. Stop. Let’s forget the little economist in all of us here. While price may have objective criteria and … Continue reading

Lessons from a 5 year old

49 seconds. That’s all it will take to break a smile by watching Jessica do her own pep talk in front of the mirror. And Jessica is only five! Credit to her parents for letting her bloom and do her … Continue reading

Sailing Through

Anchors. “Indispensable principal supports that serve to hold an object firmly.” Different anchors for different people – so how is it that we occasionally forget that some “things”, a favorite and cherished book, a photograph, a great friend’s encouragement, a … Continue reading

The Little Green Man and You

I try to write at least once a week. Does that take discipline and self determination? Will the sun rise tomorrow? But when I break it down, the hardest part — the part for which I need the discipline — … Continue reading

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