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Forgiveness, Confucius and JFK

Anger. It happens. You don’t want to get angry, you don’t want to lose your cool, your peace, your “chi” – yet, someone or something catches you by surprise and you can’t help it. You get angry, furious, ballistic, savage, … Continue reading

So We Can Think Twice. Part 2 (honoring Seth Godin again)

This could be another comment in response to the why I write post (why? so, we can think twice). However, Seth Godin’s ideas deserve so much more – pure unadulterated, consistent fire and inspiration. Thank you, for the spark- and … Continue reading

Why? Probably So We Can Think Twice.

Why? “Probably so we can think twice.” Bill Watterson, cartoonist and creator of Calvin & Hobbes I personally have so much fun with the “why” question! My automatic, subversive and intuitive response is always “why not?” I like the whys … Continue reading

Sisyphus and Proteus: Lessons from Greek Mythology

Why is it that some days we wake up and feel like good old mythical Sisyphus? Remember him? Sisyphus, punished for all eternity to roll a rock up a mountain only to have it roll back down to the bottom … Continue reading

Brains Is All You Need… Or was that Love?

“The scene was memorable. I was sitting in a Singapore ballroom when the British head of a global oil company told his top managers worldwide about what they needed to succeed in their company in the future. Like the other … Continue reading

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