Discontent & Creativity

>Let’s assume you are unsatisfied with life. You are not happy (I’ll give you a buck if you can tell me who besides you, can define your happiness) and you are spinning around trying to figure a way out of your slump.

If you are trying, you are in good shape. Sooner or later you’ll find the solution to your challenge and you’ll move. At least by trying, you’ll be better off than simply sitting around doing nothing, right?

So, use this time of discontent to be even more creative, more resourceful, more inquisitive and open to the possibilities of solutions. You have them, they are in you because this is you we are talking about. The key is to find the way to unlock the treasure chest of your brain and soul – cause the chest is there and make no mistake about it: It is full of the treasure that is your life.

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