Monthly Archives: February 2010

Discontent & Creativity

>Let’s assume you are unsatisfied with life. You are not happy (I’ll give you a buck if you can tell me who besides you, can define your happiness) and you are spinning around trying to figure a way out of … Continue reading

Imagination & Fears

> Seth’s Blog: Your most vivid fears… It’s so easy to build walls, to fence us in our doubts, to claim we are “risk-aversion” oriented. Yet, most of the times concentrating only on the one case scenario, we miss out … Continue reading

Educating Leda: The Feminine Mystique

> Twice in a week now, – it can’t possibly be a coincidence. I am the village idiot! Today, was another day of revelation: Manicures & pedicures for 3 year olds. Where have I been all my life? Am I … Continue reading

Toddlers in the Park

> Finger puppets!.. Wondering the Pearl District in Portland last week after a two-hour soul-bathing expedition at Powell’s Bookstore, I serendipitously discovered something I haven’t seen before. I often forget how playful life can be. And then, when I am … Continue reading

"Ideas Worth Spreading"

>Greetings from My First TED – Our Editors – Harvard Business Review “Why do people go to TED? What do they do with everything they learn?” This conference is all about self-enrichment, inspiration and, of course, plenty of networking. Somebody … Continue reading

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