What Do You Think?

Can You Pay Close Attention?

(Please pay attention to the video above – It is not about the color of the cards and it is only 3 min long).

You are observant. You focus. You do it again and this time you laser-focus. And yet, the 10th time around, and you still miss it!

Did you ever consider that the more you focus, the more you end up missing other things? Which is great if these other things don’t matter. But what if they do?

The reality is shocking. We are our own worst terrorists! We start by having the intent. We move on to the plan. We start the execution and slowly we start losing speed. It starts with the creation of doubt, the “what ifs” and the maybes and we end up terrified by the possibilities.While we have made an excellent job mapping out our strategy, we take a swirl and miss our exit.

So, why do we do it? Why do we insist pretending that making the decision is the key when we know that a decision without action is useless?

And is there a way to learn to block the blockage?

What do you think?

“…I’ve found that the next level up is the focused meeting. I’ll bring together energetic, smart people and outline the problem. The act of talking about it, showing off, demonstrating the options… it generates even more energy, which I return and they return and there’s a whiteboard and what-ifs and excited voices and the next thing you know, the problem retreats, head held in shame, defeated….” from The Creative Process #1: An Interview with Seth Godin By Steven Pressfield | Published: January 26, 2010

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