Cherish your not so good times – they will make your better times even better!

>I have always been impervious to what others may think; consistently fighting the rules that are supposed to govern relationships, statuses, social environments. Being a rebel has come natural to me – as I have always felt comfortable in being different.

I have used this difference to connect with other “deviants” – I love the term – who is to say what is a deviation! And after a while, through the connections my own small circle of a tribe has been formed. And it is this tribe that matters.

So, today,the last day of the decade, I want to do 2 things:

  • Accentuate the differences that make life so special.
  • Pay tribute to this tribe of mine.

Love/ hate; joy/ sadness; contentment / anger; satisfaction / dissapointment; excitement / boredom; good and bad. All of these feelings and sensations so valuable to the richness of the experience – and you do need them all to be able to measure the intensity of the emotions, the one end of the spectrum with its extreme opposite. So, cherish your not so good times – they will make your better times even better. And remember: without these ‘bad’ moments, you would not know what it feels like to be more of anything.

In the end, we all find the god in ourselves – we find those (people, ideas, “things”) we really love and like, and learn to defend them. This is what causes us to form the values in our lives, the principles, the core fundamentals that become our beacons and guiding lights.

* This has been inspired by these people:

My son, fierce warrior in life’s game, protector, defender, comrade in all the battles being fought in the game of freedom.

My daughter, defined by her penetrating passion for joy, fun, friendship, sweet blossom in the garden of explorations and discoveries.

My best friend, my intellectual partner, my other half, the mirror reflecting the differences that can make us so similar in our thinking, so different in the process yet so much alike in the final conclusions and the finite principles that guide our lives.

My other friend, the saint in my life who unlike me has been the Mother Teresa for so many of her opponents, the oppresors in her life who defined her pathway making her overcome the adversity and the hardship. Her humor, pointed irony, but overall goodness makes her unique in the way she faces life.

The other people in my life – those I have known through good and bad – through some easy and some not so easy times; through the learnings, the shared unique experiences, the laughter, the fun, the challenge…

The Best is yet to come, guys…

Dec. 31, 2009

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