The Lost Man and the What If’s

>Life is definitely more twisted than fiction! How believable is the story of a lost guy who drives for nine hours over 400 miles before he finally decides to stop and ask for directions? Read all about it:

Please don’t get me wrong: I feel great sympathy and a protective twinge for Mr. Stewart. I mean no disrespect but what could he possibly be thinking as he went on – and on, and on – driving?

This is of course a rhetorical question. This is not about men (and a very few women) who pride themselves in not asking for directions.

The “little engine that could” principle and the sense of the all-mighty self is great to have and it’s the stuff great leaders are made of. However, acknowledging and accepting limits and limitations to your own capacity and natural talent, can only save the painful realization that sometimes (rarely for others) you are lost, you need help, you can’t do it on your own.

It’s ok. Wouldn’t you rather admit you are lost, ask for help and move on in the right direction?

But, some will argue… People tend to give so many wrong directions. What if the person you ask, is the wrong directions person? What if you follow these directions and you end up in Timbuktu instead?

Life happens. Everything is possible and probable, but if it takes you another nine hours to stop again and ask for new directions, then you and only you – will get the golden rotten tomato prize.

Learning to adapt quickly, being flexible and quick enough to gauge the situation and shoot for the quintessential corrective action — even if you stoop so low as to ask for directions from a stranger — can save some face, a few ounces of lost pride and at minimum a tank of gas and a smaller carbon footprint for the planet!

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